Why did the bulldozers come to the Katyn Memorial?

It was just a hint. Residents of Smolensk on Sunday, April 10, drove bulldozers and dump trucks to the Katyn Memorial in the Smolensk region. This place is sacred to many Poles, as Polish soldiers and officers were shot here during the war. “We want to declare that we respect your burials, your shrines located […]

Scientific and Practical Conference, June 3.

On the day of the end of the 20-month siege of Smolensk by the Polish invaders, representatives of the Military Historical Society, the Reconciliation Foundation and youth organizations gathered on Vladimirskaya Embankment. Dmitry Samokhvalov, the Chairman of the Smolensk branch of the Russian Military Historical Society, addressed the audience. Dmitry Samokhvalov, the Chairman of the […]

Anatoly Wasserman. “Katyn massacre” and the heirs of Goebbels.

Is “Katyn massacre” a terrible episode of history or a fabricated tool of discredit? What was real, and what is a politically biased myth? And what do the heirs of Goebbels have to do with it? The answers to these and many other questions are in the Radio Sputnik author’s program of Anatoly Wasserman, the publicist and deputy […]