The truth of the Katyn case

This project will reveal the true events of the Katyn case. The most important historical facts of the Katyn tragedy, Independent expert opinions, photo and video evidence.

It turns out that the Germans shot Jews dressed in Polish uniforms?

Joseph Tsynman

Smolensk local historian and researcher.

About the project:
Independent investigation of the Katyn case.

For more than 60 years, Katyn has been considered one of the most mysterious pages of the history of the XX century. Mountains of monstrous lies, unceremonious falsifications and sophisticated omissions are piled up around the Katyn case…

Deep roots

The Katyn tragedy has a rich prehistory. The roots of those events lie in the collapse of the Russian Empire in 1917 and in the subsequent division of its former territories.

Katyn: In search of the truth

The Katyn tragedy has been going on for more than 70 years, and all these years there have been fierce discussions around those distant events. Katyn has long become a symbol of endless political disputes.

Two truths about Katyn

Historically, there are two main mutually exclusive versions in the case of the shooting of Polish officers prisoners of war in the Katyn forest near Smolensk.

Dead, but alive

Interesting information about Katyn is given in the book “Strong in Spirit”, which was written in 1952 by the commander of the partisan detachment, Hero of the Soviet Union Dmitry Medvedev.

Project News

Reaction of the Soviet side

Two days after the official statement of the Germans about the discovery of the remains of Polish officers shot by the Soviet authorities, the Soviet Information Bureau denied this information.

How are Katyn and Mednoye connected?

After the transfer of documents to a number of NKVD officers, including Beria, criminal cases were initiated and transferred to the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office.

How did the investigation end?

In 1992, Russia handed over to Poland documents on the Katyn crime from the presidential archive, including Beria’s note to The Politburo, the decision of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) of March 5, 1940 and Shelepin’s note to Khrushchev.


According to an extract from protocol No. 13 of the meeting of the Politburo of the Central Committee, more than 14 thousand Polish officers, policemen, officials, landowners, manufacturers and other “counter-revolutionary elements” who were in camps and 11 thousand prisoners in prisons in the western regions of Ukraine and Belarus were sentenced to death.

Investigation of the Katyn case

The Katyn Affair was the mass extermination of thousands of Polish prisoners of war on the territory of the USSR during World War II. The name comes from the small village of Katyn, located 14 kilometers west of Smolensk

from "package No. 1"

By the decision of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, electronic images of the originals of archival documents on the “Katyn problem” from the “package N 1” – materials about Poles shot in Katyn are posted on the Rosarchiv website.

Interview with Anatoly Wasserman.

about the Katyn falsification

We met Anatoly Alexandrovich at the Smolensk memorial “Katyn” and asked him to share his thoughts about the Katyn tragedy.

Chronology of events

fascist Germany treacherously attacked the USSR

Immediately after the capture of Smolensk by the Germans, the territories near the Katyn Forest began to be guarded by reinforced patrols…

Soviet-Polish "friendship"

The Soviet ambassador in London, I. Maisky, concluded a friendship agreement between the two governments with the Poles…

Graves in Katyn

The German information Bureau reported on Berlin radio that the German occupation authorities had discovered the graves of 11,000 Polish officers in Katyn near Smolensk…

break off relations with
the Polish government

On April 28, 1943, Pravda published a “note from the Soviet government on the decision to terminate relations with the Polish government.”..

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