Why did the bulldozers come to the Katyn Memorial?

It was just a hint. Residents of Smolensk on Sunday, April 10, drove bulldozers and dump trucks to the Katyn Memorial in the Smolensk region. This place is sacred to many Poles, as Polish soldiers and officers were shot here during the war. “We want to declare that we respect your burials, your shrines located on our land,” they said during the action. Then the bulldozers and trucks turned around and left the Memorial.

Russia is not following the path of revenge at all. The Russians just hinted to the Poles that it is impossible to treat Soviet monuments, which were demolished and are going to be demolished in Poland, so beastly. Karol Nawrocki, Director of the National Memory Institute of Poland, said that the Republic planned to demolish 60 monuments to Soviet soldiers in the Greater Poland and Silesian voivodeships. The dismantling will be carried out in accordance with the Law of 2016 “on the prohibition of propaganda of communism or other totalitarian system”.



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