The truth of the Katyn case

For more than 60 years, Katyn has been considered one of the most mysterious pages of the history of the XX century. Mountains of monstrous lies, unceremonious falsifications and sophisticated omissions are piled up around the Katyn case

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Independent investigation of the Katyn case.

The Katyn tragedy has been going on for more than 70 years, and all these years there have been fierce discussions around those distant events. Katyn has long been a symbol of endless political disputes. Everyone is arguing – historians, researchers, politicians and ordinary citizens.

There are still many unclear and contradictory moments in the Katyn events, many inconsistencies that give rise to well-founded questions. But there are no clear and unambiguous answers to these questions.

Lipatov Stanislav Petrovich

The Truth about Katyn

The author of the article, relying on various sources, adheres to the point of view of the falsification and forgery of state archival documents in the early 1990s in order to form an image of Russia hostile to the world. The lie about the shooting of Polish captured officers in Katyn has been dispelled by the European Court of Human Rights, and discussions about Russia’s guilt in this matter are not justified.

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This book is not another attempt on myths or the exposure of historical truth. This is an attempt to understand one of the most complex and confusing stories of the last century – the death of Polish officers in Katyn. How, when, by whom and under what circumstances were they destroyed (they call the numbers from 3 to 22 thousand people)?

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