Chronicles of events

Chronology of the Katyn case

In 1939, the Red Army crossed the eastern border of Poland. The entire operation to liberate the territories lost in 1921 took 12 days. Polish military units and formations of troops, almost without resistance, surrendered.

130,000 servicemen and Polish citizens were imprisoned in the camps, whom the Soviet leadership considered “counter-revolutionary elements”.” But, nevertheless, in October 1939, residents of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus were released from the camps, more than 40 thousand residents of Western and Central Poland were transferred to Germany

fascist Germany treacherously attacked the USSR

Immediately after the capture of Smolensk by the Germans, the territories near the Katyn Forest began to be guarded by reinforced patrols…

Soviet-Polish "friendship"

The Soviet ambassador in London, I. Maisky, concluded a friendship agreement between the two governments with the Poles…

Polish officers in Katyn?

April 15, 1943

The first Katyn graves

It was opened and examined by a German doctor, Wehrmacht captain Gerhard Butz, who headed the forensic laboratory of Army Group Center.

An international commission created by the International Red Cross and the German occupation forces worked in Katyn .

commission for the establishment and investigation of circumstances

I.V. Stalin sends a special commission to the crime scene to establish and investigate the circumstances of the shooting by the Nazi invaders in the Katyn forest

details of the "Katyn case"

During four For months, the commission investigated the details of the “Katyn case”. On January 26, 1944, her message was published in all the central newspapers, which did not leave a stone unturned from the Hitlerite myth of Katyn.

Katyn chronicles

The tragedy in the Katyn forest

The film is about the work of the Extraordinary State Commission (CHGC) to investigate and establish the circumstances of the shooting of Polish officers of war in the Katyn forest (near Smolensk) in the autumn of 1941. Filming took place on January 18-24, 1944.

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